Smooth · Precise · Collision Free

Connecting robots to the world.


At Lula, we build high-performance computational systems and software to connect robots to the world. Our goal is to unlock the latent potential of existing robots by enabling them see what they manipulate and innately adapt to the unpredictable interactions of close human-robot collaboration. Modern robots are extraordinarily advanced, but to date used primarily for strictly repetitive automation, largely because achieving reactive close-quarter human-robot collaboration in software is challenging.

Best of human-robot teams.

We’re developing a system, building on almost a decade of foundational research from some of the most renowned institutes from around the world, to simplify the integration of this technology into existing robotic platforms. We aim to leverage the best of robotics–their super-human precision and repeatability–within a system capable of utilizing the latest deep learning technology alongside the world-class control strategies that have made modern precision manufacturing possible.

Maximum Adaptability.

Fusing robots to their environment and unlocking potential through innate reactivity and adaptability.



Our continuous motion optimization and control technology comes from years of research at prestigious institutes such as the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Carnegie Mellon, and Intel Labs. The system continuously shapes the robots behavior integrating information from the world to achieve high precision while constantly adapting to the innate uncertainties of a human world.



High performance engineering for precision, speed, and reliability is a top priority. We design for flexibility, low-latency reactions, fast adaptation, and ease-of-use, building from practical experience working with many physical robotic platforms, and years of professional software development. Meticulous engineering and world-class technology combined unleashes robotic performance like never before seen.



Essentially all high-performance intelligent robotic systems are born in research. Ours is no exception, and we understand the importance of continued research to push past unsolved problems toward our goal. We maintain close ties to research and constantly advance the state-of-the-art using our practical experience with productionization to drive where we look next.


We are actively collaborating with other companies and research institutes. (Details coming soon.)

* Images on this page are of the Apollo manipulation platform a the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems.